Hormones and Skin Wellness Webinar

Skin Vitality Webinar

Hormones play an intrinsic role in keeping skin healthy and vibrant. Our skin is teeming with hormone receptor sites and shows signs of aging very quickly.

These changes apply to both men and women all over the body - not just the face. Menopausal decline in estrogen levels contributes to deterioration in skin health in a number of ways, including wrinkling, dryness, thinning and reduced collagen content. Men with low testosterone also have thinning skin and show signs of aging quickly.

Dr. Sanjay Kapur explains the hormonal impact on skin vitality. You will also learn about:

  • The main hormones that affect skin health and their mechanisms of action
  • Impact of aging on hormones and its consequences for skin health 
  • How hypothyroidism and thyrotoxicosis impact skin health 
  • Appropriate screening tests to identify hormone deficiencies and prevent excess supplementation