The Pros & Cons of Urine Hormone Metabolite Testing Webinar



Presenter: Dr. David Zava, PhD 

Date: January 18, 2016

Dr. David Zava, ZRT's Founder and Chief Scientist, will discuss urine steroid metabolite testing in dried urine as it relates to detection and clinical management of steriod hormone imbalances and breast cancer risk.

Dr. Zava will cover the following issues in his one hour webinar:

  • Describe how, why, and in what form steroids enter urine for excretion
  • Differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of testing hormone metabolites in urine vs serum, saliva, and finger-stick capillary blood
  • Discuss the advantages of dried urine metabolite testing with emphasis on ease and convenience of sample collection and shipping, sample stability, and clinical correlations in health and disease (e.g. breast cancer)
  • Discuss the problems and pitfalls of interpreting urine steroid metabolite tests
  • Present several case reports to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of urine metabolite testing